Last Chance Prospect Camp 2018


Showcase Baseball Academy (Powered by Marucci) announces the first annual LAST CHANCE PROSPECT CAMP 2018!

This showcase camp is for rising 9th -12th graders looking to learn about the college recruiting process from college coaches themselves, as well as exposure in front of these coaches before the NCAA “dead” and “quiet” periods for recruiting.

The recruiting process can be confusing and difficult to navigate. College prospect camps provide prospective college baseball players opportunities to develop their skills and showcase their talents and abilities in front of top college baseball coaches from all levels and all areas of the country. Expect the event to be fast-paced and filled with tremendous information to help you grow your game and navigate the recruiting process. Join us for our upcoming event and experience the difference at SBA!



Day 1, Friday, November 9th: Instruction, Recruiting Symposium led by Head Coach Dan Pepicelli of Cornell University (AT SBA)

Day 2, Saturday, November 10th: Instruction, Pro-style workout, followed by game (AT JACK HUGHES PARK)



The cost for the camp is $199. Saturday’s camp will take place on one field providing maximum exposure. Players will participate in multiple games, providing the highest number of live at-bats and innings pitched, and players will receive on-field coaching from college coaches. Parents and players will have a unique opportunity to learn and meet college coaches Friday evening at SBA during the live recruiting symposium. Showcase Baseball Academy Camps exceed expectations.


**We are flexible with schedules of those who cannot attend the entire event.

**Camp is open to any and all players.


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Showcase Baseball Academy

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Jack Hughes Park

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