Vision & Mission


SBA is a Youth Development Program and College Baseball/Softball Preparatory Academy. From seven-year-old players to college student-athletes and professional players, SBA introduces life values inherent in the game of baseball.  Values like  passion, integrity, and teamwork are the foundation of the SBA youth development fulfillment.  Our First Base Program lays the foundation for our Youth Development mission as our College Preparatory Program helps all student-athletes have a place to develop, train and enhance their academic and baseball skills through value, innovation, and the highest level of instruction.



The First Base program utilizes the Owens Management System (The Athletes Mind) to educate and develop the youth athlete on: Managing/Controlling EmotionsEffective Communication SkillsOvercoming AdversityEstablishing Your Desired Outcomes/GoalsEthics and Leadership Development.

First Base Curriculum

  • 101 – How to identify your emotions as we approach practice, games, results, officials, coaches, parents, teammates, and opposing teams.
  • 202 – Introduces proper communications skills and self-motivation skills.
  • 303 – How to manage adversity and failure.
  • 404 – Identify your desired outcomes and future goals. Identify and define Ethical behaviors.
  • Graduate – After completing level 404, student athletes will have the foundation necessary to begin their Leadership development phase of our First Base Curriculum.


  •  Have 100% of our graduating members qualify via the NCAA Academic Eligibility Center.
  •  Improve academic/baseball-softball performance/results for every member.  This will be measured by their performance in classroom (grades) as well as game situations (knowledge of the game).
  • For 15u and higher: Properly expose each player to their level of play.  This will be measured (in collaboration with their High School Coach) in conversion to the next level of their academic and baseball/softball career.


Until the game of Baseball reduces the amount of players on a team to one (1), the SHOW will concentrate on individual skills, strategies, and development that helps their TEAM succeed.  We will focus on Showcase TEAMS and what it takes to become a Showcase TEAM at the College level and beyond baseball.


The Culture of the SHOW will be very communal; equally valuing sociability and results based on our core values.


  • PASSION = “Burn in the belly to compete”.  Beyond baseball, we learn to compete for test scores, job interviews, promotions etc…
  • INTEGRITY = To be complete in everything we do.
  • TEAMMATE = We WIN and LOSE as a team member and we inspire other teammates to succeed.
  • COMPETE = We will learn how to compete as a team, overcome adversity, and prepare for another exam/game.
  • HAVE FUN = Baseball/Softball is a game, and games are meant to be fun.
SBA Bones

“An Academy does not guarantee you a roster spot in the Pros or qualify you for college.  Our Academy, teams, and coaches will provide you the tools to develop personally, academically, and athletically.  You are in control of your development and your academic success.  The SBA Academy, coaches, and instructors provides all of our members an opportunity to improve your personal skills, school work, your game, and to outperform your competition both in the classroom and on the field.  However, it’s up to YOU to take advantage of what we have to offer…see you in THE SHOW!”

–John Owens, CEO-SBA