SBA Camp

Showcase Baseball Academy and our organizations are dedicated to making sure that our players and their families have the best experience they possibly can while involved in the game of baseball. We not only strive to help them on the field, but hope to make them better young men in the process. Our instructors and coaches work tirelessly to better themselves and the kids they come in contact with.

“I just wanted to thank you for all of your work with my son, Anthony. When I signed him up for lessons with you back in December, he was averaging 52-54mph on his fastball. As an 11 year old, he is still young but I was hoping that you would work with his mechanics and help him deliver with more speed. He has always been a very accurate pitcher, but I have always felt he was capable of more speed. Very early on you told him that you would get him to 60mph before the Spring season started – he made that his goal.” – Anonymous

“So I’m sitting in the Dulles airport last Thursday and the phone rings – it’s Anthony. He says “Dad guess what? I hit 60 today”! I cannot tell you how happy he sounded – and it was 2 days before opening day. He increased his velocity by 6-8mph in only 3 months – which is incredible progress. He really enjoys learning from Jake Robbins – your style, knowledge and attention to mechanics is second to none – and it has truly made a difference. Thank you.” – Gene

“I can’t thank Jake Robbins enough for helping Jacob. I know it is a job for both of you but you made him feel confident. Thanks again!”  – Jeff